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u can't long jump on backflip

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i made the whole game

im curious if i can do a backwards long jump like in the offical super mario 64 game

Great idea, impossible to control.
WASD is a nightmare, and the camera are the arrow keys.
Would you add controller support please?


"Super Mayo 64"

what are those voice clips lmao

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YEEEES finally a 3d game that isnt trash

hey, this is pretty good! can you make it download?

dont do k

shift+jump= ultra jump

its backflip

so good my favorite part is mario's voice XD



It REALY  loads alot.......its probably my signal :<


This is a pretty cool remake. The voice clips make me giggle though, hehe.


This looks exactly like the Game

For a 6 week project, I'd say you did fine.

The controls don't feel great but they are good enough to traverse the level with ease.

I hope you got a good grade!

Oh, and this guy made a video about it where they seem to struggle with the controls for no reason..

Thank you so much! And we did get a good grade, thank you :)

I honestly didn't think this would get attention to have since it was just a final project for a class. Thanks for showing me this! 

I hate my life.


Wow, I can't even tell the difference between this and the original game ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)